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Pannonia’s philosophy

We produce organic pork of the highest quality. Our main focus is fodder growing, pig breeding and organic hog mast. Our partners receive support in all areas of production, from the planning and execution of construction projects to all aspects of animal husbandry. Contracting parties enjoy top conditions in feed purchasing.


He himself. Here I introduce you to Johannes. Johannes, by the most called Hannes, comes from a farm in southeastern Styria.

When he was fourteen he packed his bags for the first time and moved to Wieselburg. After graduating, he left to the United States. Luckily he came back home again.

With an extended horizon, new insights, many ideas and full of motivation, he switched to bio in 1995 and virtually invented organic pig production in Austria. He founded the Pannonia BIOS GmbH in 2003 and is thus an organic veteran of the pig scene.

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