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All production plants of Pannonia BIOS GmbH are subject to the strict legal control of the Austrian authorities and the general biocontrol prescribed to all organic farms.


Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (ABG) was founded in 1993 as a Bio-control authority. Our common task is the control and certification of biological products: from the biological primary product to the final processor. The ABG and the ABG LW (at the beginning of 2019 the agricultural biocontrol was spun off into the 100% subsidiary Austria Bio Garantie – Landwirtschaft GmbH (ABG LW)) work on behalf of the food authorities. Products that are certified by us bear the code number AT-BIO-301 at Austria Bio Garantie GmbH

Naturland is one of the largest organic associations in the world. Currently around 65,000 Naturland growers in 56 countries around the world operate in accordance with the guidelines of the association. Social guidelines are a binding part of the Naturland eco-certification for all companies. Since 2010, the additional certification Naturland Fair combines organic farming and fair trade in one sign.

Naturland stands for sustainable agriculture that combines organic production with fair partnerships between farmers, traders, processors and consumers.